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12 gadgets worth getting on the beach

From the necessary compact digital camera to the valuable phone case – θήκες κινητών, we get into a summer mood with electronic beach gadgets from all categories for this and every summer.

Even if you have not yet chosen an escape destination, you have not booked tickets and all you have are dates for your coveted leave, you can do your shopping for the summer holidays and even shop from eshop, finding phone cases, mobile accessories and whatever gadgets you want at very affordable prices.

In this article you will find all the gadgets of the beach, that will put you in the mood for a vacation, but always, along with information about their technical characteristics that you should pay attention to. From waterproof digital cameras to wireless ear buds, we have covered you for any need. All you have to do is have a great time!

1. Waterproof digital camera

Instagram wants photos in and out of the water, but your expensive cell phone does not go into the sea, even if it is waterproof. You will definitely need a waterproof digital camera that can immerse you even in 10 meters or more. Check the resolution of the sensor to be over 12 MP, make sure it has a digital zoom and it would be good to take Full HD video.

2. Action camera

Action cameras are not simple digital cameras, but they take your shots to the next level when you play sports at sea and elsewhere. They are made for adventure. Look for an image stabilization system, 4K resolution, slo-mo video 8x and 12 MP photo to give your summer memories image clarity, high resolution, perfect colors and proper lighting. If nothing else it is a market that you will use in winter sports as well.

3. Bluetooth speaker

Portable speakers have made technological leaps and now you can have loud sound on the beach for many hours. Prefer one with a minimum of 5 hours of autonomy, 10 W power to listen and when it blows, IPX6 waterproofing (because it will definitely get wet at some point) and Bluetooth 4.2 for a perfect connection with your mobile phone. So you will invest your vacation with a musical soundtrack.

4. Mobile phone

As it is the most useful gadget for the beach (and not only), is it an opportunity to upgrade your mobile phone as well? With it you will take photos, you will see what “plays” on Facebook and Instagram, you will listen to your favorite music, you will connect it to the portable Bluetooth speaker to dance with friends, you will play games, you will read your e-mails and much more … Choose with the word “Pro” in the model to have top quality photo and video, fast processor and powerful GPU, large OLED screen and perfect colors.

5. Waterproof phone case

The beach is full of dangers for your precious smartphone and the biggest of them is the water that, if nothing else, can flow from your hands to the device. What you need is a waterproof case to keep your head calm and enjoy carefree and relaxing moments by the sea with your friends. This is an investment with a very low cost, which will protect your mobile phone from accidents and will save you from many expenses.

6. Tablet

If the screen of your mobile is limited and tiring, you can go from 6 to 10 inches with very little money and do everything with a smartphone, but with greater comfort. You can even take your job on the beach and send an e-mails, to speak in slack, to see your tasks in Asana etc. So switch levels with a 10-inch tablet, look for at least 4 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage to run smoothly. You will undoubtedly enjoy it even on holidays 2021.

7. Fitness tracker

If you go to the sea mainly to swim, then a fitness tracker is the least you can buy. To measure your distances and spreads, you will definitely need the operation of swimming and 50 meters of waterproofing. Check that it also has a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerator and of course do not forget to choose a fancy color – because it is summer and our mood is taking off!

8. Smartwatch

The Smartwatch can do what a fitness tracker does and much more. So you can have it to keep track of your sports activities, keep track of your heart rate, receive notifications when emails arrive, view your calls and even play music or talk directly from your mobile phone. To get the full range of features, look for a large screen over 1.7 inches and a heart rate monitor.

9. Power Bank

You make so many preparations for the beach. It does not “say” to neglect the issue of battery-autonomy. That’s why there are no more essential gadgets than Power Banks, which offer even more hours of operation on your devices. Calculate that a mobile phone battery is about 4000 mAh so with a large Power Bank (6000-10000 mAh) you have about one to two charges.

10. Wireless headphones

The cables belong to yesterday. Today on the beaches must be ear accessories are the ear buds. Their main feature is autonomy, so he preferred some that have at least 3.5 to 4.5 hours of talk time – which translates to much more music playback time and standby. Usually their “box” can give at least one more charge.

11. Drone

It’s a relatively expensive purchase, but the downloads go to another level and become professional. You can find a drone for less than 100 euros, but good models have more than 400 euros. In any case, during your search, focus on the built-in camera and weigh under 249 grams so that you can “fly” anywhere without permission.

12. Kindle

With eRearder you can get your favorite magazine or novel on the beach without worrying about the battery, the connection to the network, etc. You do not have many options in this category, choose an Amazon Kindle with at least 4 GB of memory to store your favorite books.

So do not wait any longer, now is the time for decisions. Find the beach gadgets you are missing, buy them at “below does not go” prices from eshop and take off your summer.

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