Each bag, depending on its material, especially leather bags – γυναικείες δερμάτινες τσάντες – need appropriate care in order to be maintained. Otherwise we will clean the leather bags and otherwise the fabric and leather bags.

Wipe your bag daily with a dry cloth to remove dust, but do not use daily cleaners. Excessive cleaning can have the opposite effect. If your bag is leather for example, do not polish it every day as after a while the skin will dull. Never leave your bag exposed to direct sunlight, as there is a high risk of it fading. At the same time protect it from the rain. After all, even leather bags are not completely waterproof.

If you are going to carry liquids in your bag make sure they are tightly closed and of course place them in a plastic bag to avoid the risk of leaks. The same goes for cosmetics, creams and anything else that can soil it. Watch out for difficult stains. Items such as lipstick and ink are not removed from the bag except with the help of special products. For other stains, consult a specialist who will suggest specialized products for the proper maintenance of your bag.

Important Tips for cleaning your leather bag

1. Cleaning of oil stains, liquids, etc.

Take care to protect the skin from contact with cosmetics such as make-up, food and oil stains. If oil or other liquid that you suspect may stain your leather bag falls, you need to remember that the speed with which you deal with the problem is of major importance. The less fluid is absorbed by the skin, the easier it is to clean. If several hours pass before you decide to clean your bag, then you will not be able to completely remove the stain, because it will now be absorbed and completely dry.

Therefore deal with the problem as quickly as you can. Pour enough talcum powder on the spot where the liquid fell. Talc is excellent at absorbing moisture and will immediately “pull” any liquid that has fallen into your bag. remember not to be stingy in the amount you throw. If you do not have talc, then flour and baking soda also do a good job.

Leave it for about 1 hour and then remove the very Talk from the bag and then clean the last Talk residue with a cloth. See how the problem has improved. If it is not completely gone then put talc again and leave your bag overnight with it. In the morning the problem will have disappeared or it will be imperceptible.

2. Heavy rain

Avoid exposing your bag to rain, especially heavy rain for a long time. No skin will be permanently affected by the rain and no skin likes it. Some skins like Suede are very sensitive and will change color from the rain. Do not panic, as soon as the skin dries it will return to its original appearance. If your bag has been wet for a long time, do not try to dry it in a radiator, hair dryer or other heat source! The sudden heat will do great damage to the skin. Just wipe it with a clean cloth.

3.  Chewing gum

If chewing gum sticks to your bag which you cannot remove by hand, then please do not use sharp objects as all you will do is scratch the skin. Contact us to get you a cleansing cream especially for such cases.

4. Scratches

If your bag has been scratched too much by a sharp object resulting in an obvious and serious problem, then please contact us and we will supply you the color correction cream from our manufacturer, or we will send it for repair. If you decide to use the color correction cream yourself, please try the cream first in a place that is not visible.


Storage of your leather bag

When storing the product, be sure to put it in the fabric storage bag that you received with your purchase, so that  the skin breathes, while at the same time being protected from dust. Be sure to store your bag in a shady place (e.g. in a closet) so that it is not directly exposed to long-term sunlight, but also without moisture.

Do not place heavy weight on top of your leather bag, as it may crease the skin during long-term storage. By considering the above, you will ensure that your market will remain in excellent condition for several years.


Prevention leather care and maintenance

The above instructions are for information on the steps we need to take to get our bag to return as much as possible to its original state after an accident that happened to us. Of course, because prevention is always better than any treatment, you should know that there are several products that promise excellent care, maintenance and even prevention for any problems you may encounter. Even in cases where such a product will not be able to prevent damage, however, it will significantly help both to reduce it and to restore your bag to its original state.

One of the most typical examples of such products is the waterproofing sprays that not only protect your bag from the heavy rain, but at the same time polish, moisturize and care for the skin! There are many such products on the market, but we are not able to judge their effectiveness.

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