Human sexuality and attraction

Human sexuality does not by definition fall into encyclopedic references, nor will there ever be a single standard answer to the question of what it really is. Over the years, many philosophers, biologists, doctors, psychologists, academics and Golden diamond escorts around the world have tackled this issue, which is like a wristwatch.

You see the indicators, the numbers, you hear the characteristic sound of the gears, you see the result.

You can try to bring to mind the image of many small pulleys turning right and left, and the more you try to understand it, the more you are enchanted by its simplicity, beauty and at the same time its complexity.

Human Sexuality

According to the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, sexual need is in the basic needs of man, that is, it is equal to hunger and thirst and all the other biological needs that can offer man survival.

As Maslow points out in his theory, the hungry person, and generally the person who has not met his basic needs, cannot rise to higher levels of psychological and existential needs, such as love, companionship, friendship, professionalism. and social success, appeal to the arts, romance, meditation and self-realization.

Based on the above theory we can conclude that the sexually deprived person cannot really love because deprivation deprives him of the clarity of spirit . The clear perception he needs to develop secondary psychological needs necessary for a healthy relationship such as love and companionship.

What is sexual need?

According to the father of psychoanalytic theory Sigmund Freud, sexual need is an energy that is activated from a very early age and allows people to be attracted to each other. This energy that does not dissipate, changes into repressed energy and manages to find ways out through specialized forms of erotic expression, such as erotic words, poetry, love songs, erotic dance, and in general the arts, daydreaming and dreams…

According to the same theory, unsatisfied sexual pleasure is shifted to the pleasure of hunting and collecting money from men, and the consumption of sweets and other delicacies by women escorts. In general, the sexually deprived person can become a kind of greedy, possessive and over-consuming person, who serves the modern capitalist system.

When does sexuality appear?

Sexual need arises from childhood through latent sexual expressions, such as friction and genital mutilation, and ends as a biopsychological need as the child enters adolescence. It has been observed that sexual needs are equal between men and women.

Recent advances in the science of psychology, however, suggest that women may be more easily aroused by men and have more sexual abilities, such as multiple orgasms, which a man cannot achieve. But what is observed is that men are allowed to express their sexual needs while women who express them can be considered immoral, lustful and sinful.

The sexuality that surrounds man is the whole mental, spiritual and physical spectrum that embraces life when people express themselves erotically. Sex can be the final stage of sexuality, the general experience of people who can be expressed in life through countless ways and a variety of methods like athens escorts.

Sexuality is the mental, spiritual and physical medium that helps two people to fall in love, to communicate sexually, to get to know each other physically and to speak the language of the body, the senses and the senses.

If sex refers mainly to physical contact and physical pleasure that takes place within a short time, sexuality is the endless mental contact and spiritual pleasure that emerges through the continuous sexual communication of two people.

Sex would never be a pleasant experience without sexuality, the prelude to sexual eroticism, in which lovers exchange glances, dedicate songs, write lyrics, send flowers, share the bathtub, go to the cinema, eat candles at night, kiss on the couch or on the park bench, provoking and sexually inviting their partner, walking in the rain, talking about love, playing, talking about sex.

For this to happen, you must first be attracted to your sexual partner. This sexual attraction is often inexplicable. A force that makes us feel that we like and care about a person. We want to make love to him, or at least feel the need to touch it, to kiss it and make it feel beautiful.

Biological and psychological attraction

Having mentioned above the sexual attraction of people, I could not help but mention the combination of biological and psychological attraction of a person who is none other than the love that people who feel and are truly in love live.

In adolescence, love is a strong feeling and an intense need that stems mainly from the biological need for sex. While for older people, love is usually the mixture and result of many factors related to needs, friendship, care, support, communication and sexuality.

Love is the only force that can keep a close romantic relationship or marriage alive. The absence of love in a couple’s relationship is one of the primary factors that lead to the destruction or dissolution of the relationship.

Many and varied reasons in a person’s daily life can lead to the decay of love. That’s why millions of couples each year, around the world, are forced to separate, others bitter with the love they had and now have died, others hoping to find a new love, and some others combining them and many other reasons.

But love is in jeopardy, because in today’s materialistic society man often puts money, power, career and consumerism above love, and engages in behaviours that primarily neglect the maintenance of the love flame.

There are times when the modern man, through professional, financial and social obligations, forgets that he has a partner or if he remembers he is so exhausted that he does not have the mood or energy to deal with it.

Love is an emotion, and as an emotion it is spontaneous. It springs from the person’s innermost thoughts, beyond the control of reason, which is why no rational thought can easily alter its power, especially in adolescence.

For this reason, many couples who lose love in their relationship find it difficult to reactivate it. Love easily fades into a person’s soul when he feels indifference, alienation, underestimation, insult, deception, or humiliation from the man he is in love with. This is due to the fact that love thrives only in conditions of appreciation, respect, care, romance and love.

During adolescence, the adolescent has multiple emotions, joy, energy, excitement, anticipation, insecurity, impulsiveness, loneliness, hypersensitivity, and so much more that contribute to a unique period in his or her developmental stage. Until then, as a child he operated on a level of thinking that was guided by real information, the way he thought about the world was egocentric, as he was based only on what he knew or had seen up to that time.

Now there is a completely different way of thinking that allows him to think about what can be done and how he can decide on his own concerns. More mature now he can see the logical side of relationships and understand the people around him. There is now an age identity crisis where new data on sexuality issues, extensive sex information, pressure from classmates and friends on both drugs and alcohol all surround the path to a safe transition. from adolescence to adulthood.

Adolescence and sexual arousal

It is normal for a person, boy or girl, to feel sexual arousal and the need for sexual intercourse from the moment they enter adolescence. But because in adolescence sexual intercourse cannot be performed immediately and systematically, it inevitably and impulsively results in self-satisfaction.

Once the hormonal processes in the adolescent’s body have matured, they alone lead to the sexual process that is released through self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is a hallmark of all teens around the world. It appears around the age of 12-14 and lasts until adulthood.

In the past, masturbation was considered an unhealthy act and led the young person to exhaustion and illness. But no scientific research has shown this. The only case where masturbation can affect a person’s psychological state is when he feels remorse and guilt for what he does, because he constantly accepts the remarks and threats of his parents, elders or even friends, that what he does it is immoral.

Young people who grow up in superhuman and hyperactive families are more likely to develop psychological problems due to remorse from self-satisfaction.

Self-satisfaction predominates during adolescence and as long as the young person does not have a permanent sexual relationship. Masturbation is significantly reduced as the person becomes older and has a permanent relationship.

However, there are cases where the adult, man or woman, in cases where sexual intercourse is absent to be driven again, or for the first time in self-satisfaction.

There are teenagers who in the process of having sex face the problem of virginity. Many girls, in our society as well, face intense family and social pressures and urges to remain pure and uninvolved in any sexual contact that leads to the rupture of the hymen. This causes the adolescent intense anxiety and nervousness.

Fear of the pain of the first contact, often exaggerated by well-meaning people, makes things even worse. This fear and anxiety can be transferred to the first sexual attempt, resulting in failure, or unsatisfactory arousal and satisfaction.

The man who asks his wife for a sign of virginity is usually a conservative and authoritarian type. He does not value or respect women enough, considers them inferior, and generally underestimates the female sex and women like call girls.

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