UK pledges 200 million pounds in aid

This is CNBC’s live blog covering all the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak. All times below are in Beijing time. This blog will be updated throughout the day as the news breaks. 

  • Global cases: More than 1.77 million
  • Global deaths: At least 108,503
  • Most cases reported: United States (526,396), Spain (163,027), Italy (152,271), France (130,727) and Germany (124,908)

The data above was compiled by Johns Hopkins University as of 8:00 a.m. Beijing time. 

9:07 am: ‘This will lead to airline bankruptcies’ — flight attendant union furious with Treasury bailout offers

Less than 24 hours after the Treasury Department formally extended cash grant offers to the six largest airlines in the U.S., the union representing 120,000 flight attendants is blasting the move with a dire warning. 

“This will lead to airline bankruptcies,” said Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants union. “The Treasury Department is destabilizing the industry, not helping save it.”

Nelson’s anger is fueled by the Treasury Department’s decision to make 30% of each cash grant offer a low interest loan payable to the federal government. That move, which caught many airline executives by surprise, means the $25 billion approved by Congress for immediate cash grants will actually be $17.5 billion. The other $7.5 billion will now be loans airlines will be required to re-pay. — Phil LeBeau

8:24 am: Singapore reports 191 new cases and one additional death

Singapore has seen a spike in the number of newly reported cases in recent days as the virus spread, creating several growing clusters that led to the quarantine of almost 20,000 resident workers last week. 

As of noon local time on April 11, there were 191 new cases of infections, of which 52 were linked to known clusters and 20 were related to other patients. There have been 2,299 total cases and among them, 528 people have made full recoveries and have been released from hospitals and community isolation centers. Another person died from Covid-19, bringing the total death toll in the city-state to eight. 

Singapore stepped up measures recently to slow down the spread by temporarily closing schools as well as most workplaces. Stricter enforcement of safe distancing rules has also been put in place. — Saheli Roy Choudhury

8:05 am: UK pledges 200 million pounds to WHO and other charities

The United Kingdom announced a 200 million pound ($248.94 million) aid package to help local charities and international organizations in their efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus in vulnerable countries and, therefore, prevent a second wave of infections coming to the U.K. 

UN agencies are set to receive £130 million; of that, the World Health Organization will receive £65 million as it coordinates international efforts to tackle the pandemic while the rest will be distributed among UNICEF, UNHCR, the World Food Programme and UN Population Fund. The Red Cross will receive another £50 million for its efforts in difficult to reach areas such as those suffering from armed conflicts while £20 million will go to international NGOs, including U.K. charities.

A boy runs past a mural supporting the NHS, by artist Rachel List, on the gates of the Hope & Anchor pub in Pontefract, Yorkshire, as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Danny Lawson | Getty Images

The cash will help countries with poor health care systems to quickly identify and care for patients with symptoms to minimize human-to-human transmissions; that includes war-torn Yemen as well as Bangladesh, which is housing about 850,000 Rohingya refugees, the British government said. — Saheli Roy Choudhury

All times below are in Eastern time.

7 pm: Check your balance: Coronavirus stimulus money starts to flow into bank accounts

Americans are starting to receive their cash payments via direct deposits, part of the $2 trillion bill passed by Congress to stimulate the economy after the decline caused by the pandemic.

″#IRS deposited the first Economic Impact Payments into taxpayers’ bank accounts today. We know many people are anxious to get their payments; we’ll continue issuing them as fast as we can,” the IRS tweeted on Saturday.

Numerous Twitter users also posted on Saturday that they had received a deposit. — NBC News

4:20 pm: Every US state is now under a major disaster declaration

The entire country is now under a major disaster declaration for the coronavirus pandemic after the U.S. death toll reached the highest in the world on Saturday.

President Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for Wyoming on Saturday, which comes 22 days after the first disaster declaration in New York, the epicenter of the virus.

All 50 states as well as the U.S. Virgin islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico have received a federal disaster declaration. American Samoa is the one U.S. territory that isn’t under a major disaster declaration.

The designation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency allows states and territories to access federal funds to help fight the coronavirus spread. State officials and doctors have been competing for essential supplies like ventilators and personal protective equipment as hospitals grapple with shortages. — Emma Newburger

3:46 pm: US death toll tops 20,000

The U.S. death toll reached 20,071, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. surpassed Italy on Saturday as the country with the most coronavirus deaths in the world, according to JHU data.

At least 20,071 people have died from the virus in the U.S. Italy has suffered 19,468 fatalities; Spain has recorded at least 16,353 deaths; and France has confirmed 13,851 deaths. — Meg Graham, Riya Bhattacharjee

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